Child support questions

My divorce paper work reads….the petitioner Xhusband shall receive child support from me, for all time the children are in his care and custody.

My question is…Am i supposed to be paying still, I am not behind, while the kids are with me during the summer and any other visitation.


From what I understand the order reads while under his care and custody, seeing that you have your children for the summer they are not under his nor are they in his custody. I am not an attorney, I was in the perdicament when I had my son for the summer, yet my payments were automatically sent to his mom, yet while our son was with me she sent money back to me, fortunately, my son could eat and then wanted more. We made it through that period. I hope that helps.

I’m also divorced. My ex and I have to do all child support things thru the friend of the court. If you have to use that agency then you’d better contact them or else there could be trouble like them having you listed as being behind and charging you fees and fines. And no matter what get it down in writing cause the agency I’m forced to deal with has cheated me more than once.

It means that you only pay him while he has the children so he can take care of them…If you have them for the summer than you are to notify the court and let them know you have them and they will put it down so therefore you are not behind and then you can use the money that you pay him for them.

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