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All of us have been in your shoes

Well, I guess the best response is all of us have been in your shoes at one point along the way. First the way I understand the credit repair companies, they can’t fix your problem, only you can fix it, and really the fact if you have good or bad credit is the least of your worries. I did the 5 day course by mevelopes, its free and you don’t have to buy the program. I also got the books, they helped to put it all it perspective, though a lot of the info you need is in the 5 day course and the downloads from this sight.

The first thing I did was find out what we had, assets, makes you feel a little better, then what we paid, in order of importance, utilities food gas for the cars are at top, clothes and going out to eat in the middle, credit card bills at the bottom, because I cut them up at didn’t need them anymore to live. I use to think as long as there was room on the credit card we were okay, that is so very wrong.

You will surprise yourself how much extra you spend when you are not keeping track. My husband jumped on board too, we have a basket on the dresser for all receipts and weekly I put them in to categories(on a piece of paper it doesn’t take much time after you set it up and no expense for a computer program/service) to know how much we have spent and how much we have left for the week, if there isn’t a receipt(ie candy from the vending machine) it goes on a little piece of paper in the basket.

I added up all the big boys (insurance, taxes, membership dues, medical deductibles) that we pay yearly in big chunks and divided that total by 12, every month that goes into savings until the month I need to pay them. No more surprises, and it surprised me how big that amount was. It is a commitment that is an everyday thing, you start to cut eventually, but you aren’t to that point yet, you have to figure out how much you spend first, and it is going to drive you crazy trying to figure it out, just write it all down and be truthful, it will hurt to, but you can fix it, the hard part was realizing you needed to do something to begin with. So good Luck. Hope that helped.…